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The Walking Dead Season Three – the story so far

Posted in the walking dead, zombies on 12/11/2012 by vincentstark

The mid-season climax of AMC’s, The Walking Dead has just aired over here in the UK, and what an ending it was, leaving viewers eager for next February when the final six episodes complete the season.

AMC certainly realized the mistakes made from the previous season when the first six or so episodes became bogged down in the, “let’s find Sophia” storyline which alienated fans and found the show losing viewers. However season 2 sprung back to form after the mid season break – this time though the season hit the ground running and never let up, ending with a great climax which saw our favourite rednecks, the Dixon brothers runited.

We also lost several major characters during the first half of the season – T Dog went, as did Lori while new characters were introduced. One of the criticisms aimed at the show is that there is a lack of black characters but the mid season climax episode introduced the character of Tyrese and of course the super sexy Michone is already a firm favorite in the show.And speaking of Michone, she must represent the finest piece of casting ever, the actress really brings the comic book character to life.

Michone is the Boba Fett of the Walking Dead universe. Danai Gurira, the actress playing the role must think I’m a weirdo – every time I see her in costume I can’s help but grin.” Robert Kirkman.

“I get excited seeing women in dire situations transform into what they have to be. It’s about time we saw more characters like Michone.’ Danai Gurira


Another huge addition to the cast this season was David Morrissey playing the Governor – a truly evil comic book creation and if his arc follows that of the comic book then he’s gonna’ end season three as a truly hated character. I must admit I was skeptical when the actor was cast in the iconic role but the actor’s made the role his own. And the mid season climax where Michone gouged one of his eyes out was excellent – the Governor had arrived.

So this all leaves us with the award winning Prison/Woodbury arc from the comic book, and it’s anyone’s guess where it goes from here –

The Walking Dead season 3, episode 4

Posted in the walking dead on 11/06/2012 by vincentstark

Season three of The Walking Dead is proving to be magnificent and the latest episode was a stunning action fest with the loss of two major characters -SPOILER- Of course having read the original comic books I was expecting Lori to go but not in the way it happened here. Mind you she was one of the most annoying characters in the show and her death may give a better dynamic – Rick breaking down at the climax of the episode was a wonderfully acted moment and will likely have big ramifications for his character arc. We lost T-Dog too but I’d mostly forgotten about him as the character’s not really been used since the first season.

This episode was the first to split the storyline down the middle – half in Woodbury, and half in the prison. It is within the prison that most of the action takes place after a routine morning of dragging out bodies turns into a full scale zombie attack. Elsewhere in Woodbury we see that Andrea, Michonne and even Earl are gearing up to leave the seeming paradise of a town, and we saw hints of the Governors true nature when he refused to give Earl permission to go and look for his brother, Daryl. Michonne especially doesn’t trust the Governor and suspects he had something to do with the death of the National Guard unit in last week’s episode. Will Michonne’s arc follow the pattern set in the comics? If it does she is going to become one of the favorite characters – she’s also stunning looking, easily the hottest chick in the show and I would most certainly smash her back doors in.

I’m also pleased with the way the writers have jiggled things around from the comic books because even long time fans are not sure what is coming next.

After a poor start to the second season, the show picked up towards the latter half of the season and continued running well into season three – and the best is yet to come. The battle for the prison is just around the corner and then we’ll see just how bad the Gov can be.

Halloween Countdown: The Spandex wearing Undead

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Imagine a world where the iconic superheroes are all zombies – it’s made possible because of the Marvel Multiverse. You see there are many different worlds in the multiverse, each of them with a different versions of Marvel’s beloved characters. I’m only a occasional comic book reader so here’s an explanation of the multiverse courtesy of the WIKI –

“Within Marvel Comics, most tales take place within the fictional Marvel Universe, which in turn is part of a larger multiverse. Starting with issues of Captain Britain, the main continuity in which most Marvel storylines take place was designated Earth-616, and the multiverse was established as being protected by Merlyn. Each universe has a Captain Britain designated to protect its version of the British Isles. These protectors are collectively known as the Captain Britain Corps. This numerical notation was continued in the series Excalibur and other titles. Each universe of the Multiverse in Marvel also appears to be defended by a Sorcerer Supreme at nearly all times, appointed by the mystic trinity of Vishanti to defend the world against threats primarily magical in nature from within and beyond and bearing the Eye of Agamotto.”
Sounds complicated but you don’t really need to know any of that to enjoy this graphic novel which collects together the five issue mini series, Marvel Zombies. An introduction gives is some of this background and also explains how the Marvel Zombies mini-series came about. When Mark Miller wrote a Fantastic Four arc set on an alternative world where Marvel heroes and villains had been turned into flesh-eating zombies, Marvel where so taken with the concept that they decided to continue it in other titles. The Walking Dead writer, Robert Kirkman was brought in and the resulting mini-series, collected in this graphic novel, is a truly gruesome horror story with some sick and twisted black humor. It’s also unpredictable and many heroes and villians are killed off in the story. This is a crazy world where Spider-Man hates himself for eating both his wife and Aunt May and Bruce Banner finds that whatever he ate as zombie Hulk quite often bursts through his stomach when he transforms back into zombie Banner.

It’s a crazy concept that works wonderfully and Kirkman brings us much of the same gore filled storytelling that made his Walking Dead title such a success, only this time in vivid full colour art by Sean Phillips. Of course we’ve had many variations of zombies – from the shuffling undead of Romero to the speeded up versions in films such as 28 Days Later, but Marvel here provides us with a new and original take on the genre – zombies with super powers who can also talk and think. It sounds absurd and I guess it is but nevertheless it works perfectly and provides a read you’ll want to chomp down on.

Marvel Zombies is available now as part of the Ultimate Graphic Novel Collection

The Walking Dead: Season 3, episode 2

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Season three is certainly not suffering from the slow pacing that dragged the first half of the second season to a virtual standstill, and this second episode hit the ground running and didn’t stop until it had played out. Again the emphasis was on Rick and this week we saw him doing things that the Rick of the previous season would never have contemplated – killing Shane has certainly changed our man. In one scene he drives a machete through a prisoners head and in other locks another out in a courtyard to be eaten alive by zombies. Rick, it seems, is tired of the constant wandering and wants to build a safe base for the group of survivors he finds himself in charge with.


Of course we know the storyline is leading up to the appearance of the governor and an almighty battle for the prison, and buy am I looking forward to these episodes. The battle for the prison arc provided some of the greatest issues of the comic book and I guess we’re in for some good time.


The Walking Dead: Season three opener

Posted in the walking dead, zombies on 10/16/2012 by vincentstark

Apparently the season three opener set a record stateside for the zombie survival series – 10.9 million tuned in across the pond which is tremendous in this day and age – the episode didn’t take any downtime and hit the floor running, even if some of the plot elements seemed rushed. The show started six months after the events at the climax of season three and we get to see Rik and Co comes across the prison – an important sequence in the graphic novels from which the show takes its inspiration, and there is some excellent gore effects as our survivors start to clean up the prison within which they hope to make their homes. Andrea meanwhile has teamed up with Michonne, a samurai sword wielding tough girl who travels with two “pet” zombies attached to her at all times and is suffering from some illness, which I missed the explanation of, that forces them to hold up in a town that is overrun by the undead.


An excellent first episode and let’s hope that the prison doesn’t slow the series down in the same way old Hersh’s farm did for the second season – of course we’ve got the Governor coming up this season and his arc in the comics was incredible, so if the makers follow the storyline viewers are in for some shocks this season. For now,at least, things are looking promising after this excellent start to seas0n three.



Countdown to Halloween: Free Zombies

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For two days only the first eBook in the Dead Walked trilogy can be downloaded for free from Amazon.


Get Over there and while you’re there pick up the second volume at the low low promotion price.

Vincent Stark, otherwise known as Gary Dobbs, presents a new look at the zombie story. A group of people trying to survive in a world gone nuts. Sound familiar. Of course.But Stark has injected his own elements into the story. A pregnant woman and a plot thread I’ve not seen in a zombie story before. The ending threw a twist in and sets up the next part of the story, coming soon.      Amazon Five Star Review


Midnight strikes

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It’s close to midnight

The Dead Walked Book 2-Dead Days is officially published for the Kindle platform from midnight tonight, but given the workings of the KDP process the book can actually be downloaded immediately from Amazon UK and US.

To celebrate the release I have made the first book in the series free for the next two days-head over to your Amazon Vincent Stark page and get both books – that’s two books for the price of one which surely can’t be bad.

Beyond terror, beyond reality.

A world where the dead rule supreme.

“Zombie Sex dude, this one goes too far.”

Ahh well, maybe I should market it as, Fifty Shades of Mould

Vincent Stark is a reclusive writer, who shuns all contact with the outside world. He has not been seen in public since 1979. Although, from time to time, there have been rumours of sightings of the author lurking in the shadows of the cemetery behind his dilapidated mansion house deep in the Rhondda Valley countryside.

It is said that he is suffering from a skin condition which is aggravated by sunlight and is thus forced into his twilight existence. There is much debate over his well known skill with, the Stylophone and his penchant for playing jazz phrases on his own podcast, Scary Motherfucker. Indeed Stark seems to have picked up this skill overnight and there is one urban legend of him visiting the crossroads one evening and selling his soul to the devil in exchange for his ability on the stylophone.

The devil has all the best tunes

This year will see the publication of the second novella in the Dead Walked trilogy and the author, showing the first signs of clawing his way back into the public consciousness, now has a Facebook page – please support the aging author by clicking like on his page, HERE

However for now Vincent Stark remains hidden away, his groceries delivered by a string of crucifix wearing delivery men and his bills paid by automatic withdrawal from the blood bank.