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Halloween Countdown: The Spandex wearing Undead

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Imagine a world where the iconic superheroes are all zombies – it’s made possible because of the Marvel Multiverse. You see there are many different worlds in the multiverse, each of them with a different versions of Marvel’s beloved characters. I’m only a occasional comic book reader so here’s an explanation of the multiverse courtesy of the WIKI –

“Within Marvel Comics, most tales take place within the fictional Marvel Universe, which in turn is part of a larger multiverse. Starting with issues of Captain Britain, the main continuity in which most Marvel storylines take place was designated Earth-616, and the multiverse was established as being protected by Merlyn. Each universe has a Captain Britain designated to protect its version of the British Isles. These protectors are collectively known as the Captain Britain Corps. This numerical notation was continued in the series Excalibur and other titles. Each universe of the Multiverse in Marvel also appears to be defended by a Sorcerer Supreme at nearly all times, appointed by the mystic trinity of Vishanti to defend the world against threats primarily magical in nature from within and beyond and bearing the Eye of Agamotto.”
Sounds complicated but you don’t really need to know any of that to enjoy this graphic novel which collects together the five issue mini series, Marvel Zombies. An introduction gives is some of this background and also explains how the Marvel Zombies mini-series came about. When Mark Miller wrote a Fantastic Four arc set on an alternative world where Marvel heroes and villains had been turned into flesh-eating zombies, Marvel where so taken with the concept that they decided to continue it in other titles. The Walking Dead writer, Robert Kirkman was brought in and the resulting mini-series, collected in this graphic novel, is a truly gruesome horror story with some sick and twisted black humor. It’s also unpredictable and many heroes and villians are killed off in the story. This is a crazy world where Spider-Man hates himself for eating both his wife and Aunt May and Bruce Banner finds that whatever he ate as zombie Hulk quite often bursts through his stomach when he transforms back into zombie Banner.

It’s a crazy concept that works wonderfully and Kirkman brings us much of the same gore filled storytelling that made his Walking Dead title such a success, only this time in vivid full colour art by Sean Phillips. Of course we’ve had many variations of zombies – from the shuffling undead of Romero to the speeded up versions in films such as 28 Days Later, but Marvel here provides us with a new and original take on the genre – zombies with super powers who can also talk and think. It sounds absurd and I guess it is but nevertheless it works perfectly and provides a read you’ll want to chomp down on.

Marvel Zombies is available now as part of the Ultimate Graphic Novel Collection


The Walking Dead: Season 3, episode 2

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Season three is certainly not suffering from the slow pacing that dragged the first half of the second season to a virtual standstill, and this second episode hit the ground running and didn’t stop until it had played out. Again the emphasis was on Rick and this week we saw him doing things that the Rick of the previous season would never have contemplated – killing Shane has certainly changed our man. In one scene he drives a machete through a prisoners head and in other locks another out in a courtyard to be eaten alive by zombies. Rick, it seems, is tired of the constant wandering and wants to build a safe base for the group of survivors he finds himself in charge with.


Of course we know the storyline is leading up to the appearance of the governor and an almighty battle for the prison, and buy am I looking forward to these episodes. The battle for the prison arc provided some of the greatest issues of the comic book and I guess we’re in for some good time.


Halloween Countdown – the great directors – George A Romero

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Few directors can claim that they invented a genre but George A. Romero is someone who can make such a wild boast. Sure we had zombie movies, before Romero’s low budget 1968, Night of the Living Dead but Romero completely reinvented the genre and every single zombie movie since owes much,if not all, to the ultra low budget shocker that was, Night of the Living Dead.
Romero’s style was revolutionary – he tackled very real social issues in the form of gruesome entertainment. He followed up Night of the Living Dead with There’s Always Vanilla (1971),  a romantic comedy which the director himself calls, “a total mess.” After that he gave us, The Crazies (1971) which didn’t do well at the box office but has since become a cult classic and was remade 2010. Then he delivered  Jack’s Wife (AKA Season of the Witch) which showed a bored housewife dabbling with the occult. After that we had Martin (1978) which next to the zombie flicks may be Romero’s best movie.

Romero’s has influenced just about anybody who is anybody in the horror field. Stephen King was such a fan that the writer was thrilled to work with Romero on the 1982 anthology movie, Creepshow. But it is for his zombie trilogy – Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead that Romero will be most remembered. He returned to the undead with a fourth zombie movie, Land of the Dead in 2005 and  since then he’s given us Diary of the Dead and Survival of the Dead, but it is the original living dead trilogy that displays his best and most revolutionary movie-making.

Countdown to Halloween: Free Zombies

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For two days only the first eBook in the Dead Walked trilogy can be downloaded for free from Amazon.


Get Over there and while you’re there pick up the second volume at the low low promotion price.

Vincent Stark, otherwise known as Gary Dobbs, presents a new look at the zombie story. A group of people trying to survive in a world gone nuts. Sound familiar. Of course.But Stark has injected his own elements into the story. A pregnant woman and a plot thread I’ve not seen in a zombie story before. The ending threw a twist in and sets up the next part of the story, coming soon.      Amazon Five Star Review


A new kind of zombie saga

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The first two parts of my zombie trilogy  are out there now. The third and concluding part will be out late October/early November and so maybe now is a good chance to jump in on the saga which is getting positive reviews.


Both parts can be found by clicking your relevant region – US      UK


The story may, at first seem like your standard zombie apocalypse thriller but there’s so much more to it than that, and the trilogy will take the reader from the ordinary into Necropolis itself.


Missy is also having dreams where the dead are talking to her, demanding, and she doesn’t understand what it means.

The author carries this segment of his story into new ground once again. His extremely readable prose has me wondering what he wil come up with in the third installment. I eagerly await it.” Amazon five star review


Some said it was viral.
Others claimed it was an act of God.
Either way the result was the same and the dead walked.

The story that started in the bestselling novella, The Dead Walked continues, as Missy and Johnny find themselves having to adjust to life in the land of the dead.

“Hey, if you love zombies (and who doesn’t) this is a fab read. The author is proving a master at several genres, all his novels are well worth reading.”

A story of survival
A story of Destiny
A story of true gut wrenching horror

“Simple but not boring i enjoyed the book more so because of the simplicity.I cannot wait for the next book to find out what happens to Missy,and her odd destiny,Johnny and of course the hybrid demon zombie thing! Is it time for them to die now they are surrounded by hordes of zombies? The worst one being trapped indoors with them? Need to know!” Five star Amazon review


Book 3 – Necropolis coming soon




The Dead Walked Book 2 – the first reviews are in

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The Dead Walked Book 2

Amazon Five star review by GEORGE R JOHNSON

Missy and Johnny continue their travels through this strange world, looking for other survivors.

They do, a group inside a fenced compound, but Missy is uncomfortable. She’s the lone female among seven males, the group recently reduced when a factory inside the fence was opened to release a horde of the dead, unknown until they fell on the humans. By the time that was under control, the group had been cut from sixty to six. And now Missy was getting eyes from one of them that made her nervous.

Missy is also having dreams where the dead are talking to her, demanding, and she doesn’t understand what it means.

The author carries this segment of his story into new ground once again. His extremely readable prose has me wondering what he wil come up with in the third installment. I eagerly await it.

The Walking Dead – What next?

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I had mixed feelings about the second season of The Walking Dead, and so I was pleased to re-watch the entire season when it was released on DVD last week – I still have mixed feelings but am eager for the third season which is now just a month away from airing. The biggest problem this season was that the storyline got bogged down for the first few episodes, and it wasn’t until the seventh episode that things really hit boiling point. The first episode,although visually impressive, made several mistakes in that it contradicted rules set up in the far superior opening season. In that first season it was established that the walkers could smell the living and in one memorable scene Rick and Glenn smeared themselves in zombie innards and walked undetected among the dead. However the opening of season two saw our survivors hide under abandoned vehicles while a herd of the undead went past. This happens later in the season too with characters in various scenes simply ducking out of sight of the zombies.


Small gripes aside though things did heat up when we concluded the, ‘ let’s find Sophia’ arc and we witnessed Shane do a Travis Bickle and go insane which culminated with Rick killing Shane, and then his son Carl shooting the reanimated Shane. After this the show really delivered the goods as the zombies overwhelmed Hershel’s farm and scattered the survivors for the third season. The reasons for the inconsistent first half of the season could be because of the problems off screen when the director and driving hand Frank Durabont was sacked and a new creative team brought in, but after stumbling through several episodes they did seem to find their feet in the latter episodes, with some great character moments as well as those all important scares.


We ended the season with three main characters gone – Sophia, Shane and Dale and season three promises to see the loss of yet more main characters. We know that the third season is going to follow the prison storyline from the comics and introduce the character of The Governor – a character who was recently voted the all time most evil comic book character, even topping Batman’s, The Joker in the poll. How closely the story will follow the comic book arc is anyone’s guess. There are already many differences – Shane died far earlier in the comics, and Sophia survived while it was her mother, Carol who died. It they do follow the comic arc then this season should see the death of both Lori and her and Rick’s new baby.

Ahh well, here’s to an action packed third season!

While you’re waiting for the undead might I suggest getting in on my series The Dead Walked, the first two parts are available from Amazon now.