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Scary Radio – The place for all things fantastic

Posted in guy n smith, jack ketchum, PODCAST, podcasts, scary motherfucker radio on 11/29/2011 by vincentstark

Scary Radio

The place for all things fantastic

Horror, SF, Fantasy

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Due to technical problems we have had to change our host for the Scary Motherfucker Radio show, but this has now been done and we have a data plan that will allow us to publish episodes every other week – our first two episodes have now been moved to the new home HERE – the first episode contains an interview with Guy N. Smith and the second with Jack Ketchum. We are updating the site to include show notes but in the meantime click on the authors names in this post to be takenĀ  to their websites which contain links to all of their publications, both physical books and the new shiny eBooks.

Both interviews are well worth a listen and provide an insight into the life of two very different horror authors.

Of course you can subscribe to the show on iTunes and it would be great if listeners would leave an iTunes review which will allow us to reach a bigger audience.

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