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Neil Jones’ Deranged – babes with weapons….nice.

Posted in deranged, indie horror, neil jones, the reverend on 06/03/2012 by vincentstark

Deranged is a Spanish movie which was written by Oscar Carrion and directed by Neil Jones, whom regular readersĀ  will know as the man who is working on the early stages of bringing my novel, The Tarnished Star to the screen as the all action western LawMaster. Can’t wait for that to happen.

Neil’s been a busy man and directly following shooting on the horror movie, The Reverend he was off to Spain to shoot Deranged. He’s back in good old Blighty now and about to start shooting another movie. As always I’ve blagged a part in this so expect news when I’m able to post it. I’m looking forward to this and very much enjoyed being a part of Neil’s previous indie horror, The Reverend – there’s a little news on that below.

Deranged centers on four girls who go on a bachelorette party weekend to a country house, in rural Spain, and in grand horror movie tradition things start to go wrong.

Deranged stars Craig Fairbrass, Marcia Do Vales, Natalia Celino, Victoria Broom, Tabby Quitman and Pablo Olewski.

I spoke to Neil last week and he informed that that his indie horror hit, The Reverend will be available on DVD soon so expect a review in these bloodstained pages. You can view a trailer of Deranged HERE.