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Scary Radio – The place for all things fantastic

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Scary Radio

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Due to technical problems we have had to change our host for the Scary Motherfucker Radio show, but this has now been done and we have a data plan that will allow us to publish episodes every other week – our first two episodes have now been moved to the new home HERE – the first episode contains an interview with Guy N. Smith and the second with Jack Ketchum. We are updating the site to include show notes but in the meantime click on the authors names in this post to be taken  to their websites which contain links to all of their publications, both physical books and the new shiny eBooks.

Both interviews are well worth a listen and provide an insight into the life of two very different horror authors.

Of course you can subscribe to the show on iTunes and it would be great if listeners would leave an iTunes review which will allow us to reach a bigger audience.

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Tune into the Chillerthriller network

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” The aim is to produce a show that you’ll be eager to hear.”

The highlight of the first episode is an interview with horror writer, Guy N. Smith and it’s now live, available on iTunes and everywhere else. You can listen to the show at the Chillerthriller Website, but it would be great if you’d download us through iTunes and give us a rating in the iTunes store.  iTunes ratings are a great way to get the show noticed and help us pick up more and more listeners.

Future episodes will find us interviewing more luminaries associated with the genres we cover so by supporting us you will help is create a show that is both unique and indespensible.

For our interview with Guy I travelled into Shropshire’s Black Hills – it was a very picturesque route from my base in South Wales which involved driving though the Brecon Beacons, Abergavenny, Hereford, Leominster, Knighton and the Black Hills beyond. Some of the views on the route were breathtaking.  When I arrived at Guy’s home I was greeted cordially and then shown around Guy’s library where I stared in wonder at the vast collection of vintage publications – the photograph at the top of this article was taking in Guy’s loft which has been converted into a grand looking library.

The Black Hills

The interview itself went really well

l with Guy chatting away about everything from his bestselling series, The Crabs to his New English Library days and pretty much everything in between.

So tune in folks – visit the Chillerthriller website HERE

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Visit Guy N. Smith HERE

The Scary Motherfucker Radio Show is now LIVE

Posted in guy n smith, scary motherfucker radio on 11/05/2011 by vincentstark

Scary Motherfucker radio is now live and can be subscribed through iTunes or your favourite podcast software – the first episode features an interview with cult horror author Guy N Smith, in which we talk about everything from his famous Crabs series to his plans for the future.

Scary Motherfucker Radio will appear monthly until the new year when the show will go to two episodes a month – each episode will contain an indepth interview with a genre luminary, as well as providing all the latest news related to the genre fantastic. Visit the podcast website to listen to the show HERE, but it would be a great help if anyone can rate us and leave a review on iTunes, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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Into the Black Hills

Posted in guy n smith, night of the crabs, scray motherfucker radio on 10/25/2011 by vincentstark

Yesterday I spent an enjoyable afternoon at the Black Hills home of legendary horror author, Guy N. Smith – I was interviewing Guy for the first episode of Scary Motherfucker Radio which will go live this Halloween. It was a great thrill meeting Guy because I’d spent a great deal of my teenage years reading his novels – I mean what self-respecting teenager could resist a novel about giant killer crabs?

We covered a lot of ground in the interview – the paperback years, NEL Publishers, the rise and fall and rise of the horror genre and pretty much everything and the kitchen sink. I’m pleased with the way the interview sounds (I’ve just spent several hours editing it for consumption) and know it’ll make a great main feature for episode one of Scary Motherfucker radio.


So be here or be square and prepare for Scary Motherfucker Radio – available here and at iTunes.


Beware – things are about to get scary

Guy N Smith convention 2011

Posted in conventions, guy n smith, horror fiction on 09/02/2011 by vincentstark

This Sunday we will be attending the annual convention devoted to horror legend, Guy N Smith and the full event will be covered for readers of this blog. We are also hoping to corner Guy with a microphone, and then use the interview  for the first in the Scary Motherfucker podcasts – of which, we’ll be telling you about later.


Make sure you visit next week for a full report of the convention.