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Frankenstein re-made

Posted in frakenstein, halloween, halloween countdown on 10/28/2012 by vincentstark

Following their atmospheric and totally shitty version of Dracula BBC Radio 4 have just broadcast part one of a two part version of that other gothic classic, Frankenstein – you can listen to part one HERE for the next seven days.


A lush and haunting dramatisation of the story-within-a-story-within-a-story that does Mary Shelley proud. This is, unquestionably, the finest drama in the current Gothic Imagination season and breathes new life into the ultimate story of pride and obsession gone monstrously wrong.

About this programme

The first of a two-part dramatisation of Mary Shelley’s gothic horror tale by Lucy Catherine about a monster created in a science experiment. Sailing through the Arctic wastes, Captain Walton picks up a man who is close to death and has a disturbing story to share. Starring Jamie Parker and Alun Raglan.

Cast and crew


Jamie Parker
The Monster
Shaun Dooley
Susie Riddell
Alun Raglan
Robert Blythe
Sam Alexander
Christine Absalom
Patrick Brennan
Emma Hook
Joe Sims
Don Gilet


Mark Beeby
Dramatised By
Lucy Catherine
Mark Beeby
Mary Shelley

Hammer Horrors – The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)

Posted in frakenstein, frankenstein, hammer horrors on 10/17/2011 by vincentstark

Knowing that they couldn’t replicate the monster make-up from Universal’s classic Frankenstein series, British film studio, Hammer took a different tack and made Baron Frankenstein the real monster of the piece. This was hinted it in Universal’s series but Colin Clive’s Baron Frankenstein, although driven by his work at the cost of his personal life, didn’t come close to Peter Cushing’s Baron in terms of ruthlessness. Where Clive’s Baron would rob from graves to secure body parts, Cushing’s Baron gets his own hands dirty by resorting to murder.

Both versions are excellent movies and although Universal’s has the edge simply because of Boris Karloff’s stunning performance as the monster, Hammer’s film comes a close second. Christopher Lee’s make up has been described as looking like a car crash and perhaps for this reason he is unable to create sympathy with the viewer, but then the film doesn’t take that direction –   Lee’s monster shambles about like an ill coordinated  drunken lunatic. One heavily cut scene involving the monster coming across a blind man in the woods is a direct play on a similar scene in Universal’s original movie.


At the end of it all though, Curse of Frankenstein is a classic movie that any horror fan worth his/her salt will want to seek out. It made a mega star of Peter Cushing and was the first time those two horror heavyweights Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing appeared on screen together.


A great screenplay from Jimmy Sangster and effective direction from Terence Fisher makes this movie one that will be watched over and over again. It’s just a pity the DVD release doesn’t contain any real extras – this is, after all, an important film in the history of British cinema and kickstarted Hammer’s horror cycle.



Incoming Chills

Posted in frakenstein, HORROR MOVIES, matt reeves on 05/25/2011 by vincentstark

After Cloverfield and Let Me In, we are excited by any horror project director, Matt Reeves is connected to. And we have just learned that the director is taking on yet another monster movie: a Frankenstein prequel.

Reeves will be adapting Kenneth Oppel’s book, This Dark Endeavor: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein. A Dr. Frankenstein prequel book

Kenneth Oppel’s not-yet-released novel “This Dark Endeavor: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein” tells the story of how young Victor set out on a quest to create the Elixir of Life and save his gravely-ill twin brother, Konrad. Victor not only grows closer to his best friend Elizabeth along the way, he also become increasingly obsessed with alchemy – and the idea of defeating the incurable disease that is death.

Dark Endeavor will be scripted by Jacob Estes, who also penned the horror flick Mean Creek and this year’s Sundance Film Festival entry, The Details. Whether Reeves plans to move ahead next with either this project or one of the other two adaptations he’s become associated with recently is not yet clear.