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Horror Classics Revisited – The Exorcist (1973)

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I’ve always had a problem with this movie and have never agreed that it should be rated as highly as it is –  for instance Mark Kermode, a critic who I usually find myself in synch with, considers this to be the greatest horror film of all time. Not in my opinion it isn’t. Kermode may be a big time critic but as a humble viewer my opinion is just as valid.

I’m not saying it is a bad movie because it isn’t and it is effective as a horror movie even if we ignore the more exploitative scenes. The recorded animal sounds buried deep in the soundtrack work on an almost subliminal level and unsettle the viewer so that when the genuine shocks come they are all the more effective. It’s just that for the most part I find the film slow, pedestrian even and I do think it is far too dark for repeated viewings.

Rik Barker’s make up work is outstanding and the special effects are great – the scene where Regan levitates is terrific and the bit where she spews out pea soup like projectile vomit is genuinely unsettling. The low key photography gives the film an almost docu-drama feel which again makes the horror all the visceral.

So what’s wrong with it? Well, as I said earlier, I find it far too slowly paced and on times the film teeters on boredom, by the standards of modern horror movies it crawls along. Some of the editing seems bizarre in that scenes are amped up to hysterical levels and then cut abruptly to a more sedentary pace, leaving the viewer  confused. And there’s the fact that it’s  not aged as  well as it could have and very much feels like a product of its time.

Still if you’ve not seen it then you definitely need to, but if you go into it with knowledge of all the hype and legend you just may be disappointed.

The blood runs FREE – the final stages

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We’re on the final stages of the free eBook promotion – Indeed Arkansas Smith II, has now reverted to the usual price but there’s still time  to grab free downloads of The Dead Walked and The Rhondda Ripper. So if you haven’t secured your free copies then do so now.

The aim of this promotion was to kick start the books in the increasingly competitive Amazon market place and I do hope that those who downloaded free books will eventually leave reviews on Amazon, and that all those who downloaded the first part of The Dead Walked trilogy will be back for the second book in the series later this summer.

And please, all my Blogging buddies, publicize this offer on your blogs, websites etc. Let’s make these final two days go with a rush of downloads.

Sill available for free:
The Dead Walked Book One by Vincent Stark

The Rhondda Ripper by Gary M. Dobbs

THE RHONDDA RIPPER: The story begins slowly, a man’s morning routine as he gets ready for duty and faces the possibility of a busy day, but he has no idea how “busy” it’s going to get! Throw in Buffalo Bill, a Wild West show, murders that may or may not be connected to Jack The Ripper, and you have a really hot read. I don’t want to say too much for fear of giving something away, but it’s a well-written yarn and you will get hooked right away. It’s also, for me, a nice change of pace from the modern urban hard-boiled junk I’ve been digesting lately. Brian Drake

THE DEAD WALKED – Vincent Stark, otherwise known as Gary Dobbs, presents a new look at the zombie story. A group of people trying to survive in a world gone nuts. Sound familiar. Of course.But Stark has injected his own elements into the story. A pregnant woman and a plot thread I’ve not seen in a zombie story before. The ending threw a twist in and sets up the next part of the story, coming soon.

Zombie stories are not a type I read a lot of, but I’ve come to expect good stuff from Stark/Dobbs/Martin, whatever genre he writes in.I read this one straight through while drinking coffee early this morning.Recommended.  George R. Johnson

Classic Horror Campaign

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Scary Motherfucker has a cause to support – The Classic Horror Campaign. The campaign run by two people ,who we are so glad have too much time on their hands, is a pressure group to bring back classic horror double bills to television screens. And they’ve already been making inroads – holding their own film festivals, appearing on public radio and getting some great mentions in the national press, both in the UK and US.

The team behind the online Classic Horror Campaign hopes to persuade Auntie Beeb to pick up the baton. Their argument is simple: show them on BBC4, the home of alternative programming, intelligent documentaries and off-kilter movies.


Show your support HERE


I’d certainly like these guys to succeed – I’m old enough to remember the days (nights) when Saturday late night television would include a horror double bill. So popular were these double bills that I can remember them being featured on the cover of the Radio Times – a big deal in the days when the Radio Times was the only BBC listings magazine on sale. And for anyone outside the UK confused as to why a TV listings magazine should be called the Radio Times, the answer is simple – the magazine started off in 1923 without TV listings because the damn thing hadn’t been invented yet and when TV came and overtook radio as the medium of the masses, the magazine wisely never changed its name. The magazine is still being published today.

But back to the point – we want to see those days recreated and fully support the Campaign for Classic Horror.