The Ultimate Hammer Collection – She

hammer_ultimateThis is the first film in Hammer’s massive 21 movie box set, The Hammer Collection –  this 1965 movie was by Hammer’s standards big budget with a lot more location shooting than was usual for the studio. This results in a lavish looking movie that looks particularly good thanks to the DVD remastering.

she004The movie plays as a boy’s own adventure and is far removed from the horror pics Hammer were known for during this period, mind you Hammer’s two biggest horror stars, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee lead the cast, which includes support from the beautiful Ursula Andress as She Who Waits, John Richardson and the always wonderful Bernard Cribbings providing light comic relief.

Hammer take a lot of liberties with  Haggard’s original novel but in doing so they do manage to provide a pretty enjoyable, if a little daft adventure movie.  the story is updated to post-First World Wae Palestine, its explorers recast as demobbed soldiers uprooted by the war.

An enjoyable enough romp then but the opening titles  tell us that this film was shot in “Hammerscope” which means 2.35:1 . However this edition suddenly converts to Anamorphic 16.9.

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