The Walking Dead Season Three – the story so far

The mid-season climax of AMC’s, The Walking Dead has just aired over here in the UK, and what an ending it was, leaving viewers eager for next February when the final six episodes complete the season.

AMC certainly realized the mistakes made from the previous season when the first six or so episodes became bogged down in the, “let’s find Sophia” storyline which alienated fans and found the show losing viewers. However season 2 sprung back to form after the mid season break – this time though the season hit the ground running and never let up, ending with a great climax which saw our favourite rednecks, the Dixon brothers runited.

We also lost several major characters during the first half of the season – T Dog went, as did Lori while new characters were introduced. One of the criticisms aimed at the show is that there is a lack of black characters but the mid season climax episode introduced the character of Tyrese and of course the super sexy Michone is already a firm favorite in the show.And speaking of Michone, she must represent the finest piece of casting ever, the actress really brings the comic book character to life.

Michone is the Boba Fett of the Walking Dead universe. Danai Gurira, the actress playing the role must think I’m a weirdo – every time I see her in costume I can’s help but grin.” Robert Kirkman.

“I get excited seeing women in dire situations transform into what they have to be. It’s about time we saw more characters like Michone.’ Danai Gurira


Another huge addition to the cast this season was David Morrissey playing the Governor – a truly evil comic book creation and if his arc follows that of the comic book then he’s gonna’ end season three as a truly hated character. I must admit I was skeptical when the actor was cast in the iconic role but the actor’s made the role his own. And the mid season climax where Michone gouged one of his eyes out was excellent – the Governor had arrived.

So this all leaves us with the award winning Prison/Woodbury arc from the comic book, and it’s anyone’s guess where it goes from here –

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