The Walking Dead season 3, episode 4

Season three of The Walking Dead is proving to be magnificent and the latest episode was a stunning action fest with the loss of two major characters -SPOILER- Of course having read the original comic books I was expecting Lori to go but not in the way it happened here. Mind you she was one of the most annoying characters in the show and her death may give a better dynamic – Rick breaking down at the climax of the episode was a wonderfully acted moment and will likely have big ramifications for his character arc. We lost T-Dog too but I’d mostly forgotten about him as the character’s not really been used since the first season.

This episode was the first to split the storyline down the middle – half in Woodbury, and half in the prison. It is within the prison that most of the action takes place after a routine morning of dragging out bodies turns into a full scale zombie attack. Elsewhere in Woodbury we see that Andrea, Michonne and even Earl are gearing up to leave the seeming paradise of a town, and we saw hints of the Governors true nature when he refused to give Earl permission to go and look for his brother, Daryl. Michonne especially doesn’t trust the Governor and suspects he had something to do with the death of the National Guard unit in last week’s episode. Will Michonne’s arc follow the pattern set in the comics? If it does she is going to become one of the favorite characters – she’s also stunning looking, easily the hottest chick in the show and I would most certainly smash her back doors in.

I’m also pleased with the way the writers have jiggled things around from the comic books because even long time fans are not sure what is coming next.

After a poor start to the second season, the show picked up towards the latter half of the season and continued running well into season three – and the best is yet to come. The battle for the prison is just around the corner and then we’ll see just how bad the Gov can be.

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