American Horror Story- Asylum

Um, er – confused is how I’d sum it all up – mind you I think that’s the feeling the makers were looking for with this opening episode of the second season. Of course they couldn’t use the same trick they used for the first season, since the suspense of the first season was created by the viewer never really knowing what was going on, and after watching the first episode of Asylum I guess they’ve achieved the same compelling puzzle for a second time. The story took place in two timelines – the modern day in which a young couple break into the closed down Asylum only to find something lurks in the darkness, and the early Sixties when the asylum is very much open and just about to take in two new patients. A young man accused of killing his wife and a lesbian journalist who has fallen foul of the formidable Jessica Lang.


The first series was basically about a young family living in an haunted house, and the series cleverly played with stereotypes and cliches and carries the viewer towards a satisfying conclusion that would put most horror movies to shame. The second series also seems to be playing with familiar horror tropes – madness, stern Catholic nuns, human experimentation and unseen beasties, though it is anything but predictable. It was also nice to see a nod to the Pinhead character from Todd Browning’s Freaks.
It’s far too early to give much of an opinion on the series as there’s no way of knowing which way it will go – it’s anything but predictable and it’s certainly very creepy. There’s a suggestion of extra terrestrial involvement in this storyline and although I’m as confused as a stoner with a Sudoko, I’m eager to see the next episode.



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