The Walking Dead: Season three opener

Apparently the season three opener set a record stateside for the zombie survival series – 10.9 million tuned in across the pond which is tremendous in this day and age – the episode didn’t take any downtime and hit the floor running, even if some of the plot elements seemed rushed. The show started six months after the events at the climax of season three and we get to see Rik and Co comes across the prison – an important sequence in the graphic novels from which the show takes its inspiration, and there is some excellent gore effects as our survivors start to clean up the prison within which they hope to make their homes. Andrea meanwhile has teamed up with Michonne, a samurai sword wielding tough girl who travels with two “pet” zombies attached to her at all times and is suffering from some illness, which I missed the explanation of, that forces them to hold up in a town that is overrun by the undead.


An excellent first episode and let’s hope that the prison doesn’t slow the series down in the same way old Hersh’s farm did for the second season – of course we’ve got the Governor coming up this season and his arc in the comics was incredible, so if the makers follow the storyline viewers are in for some shocks this season. For now,at least, things are looking promising after this excellent start to seas0n three.



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