Halloween Countdown: SXF A-Z of Horror – Magazine Review

On sale now for £7.99 is a new  bookazine, entitled SFX A-Z of Horror which comes from Future Publishing. Inside the rather gory looking package you will find, alongside the bookazine, a DVD containing two episodes from the anthology series, Masters of Horror, a set of Shining Postcards, an American Horror Story double-sided poster and a sheet of horror themed stickers.
However whilst the freebies may be nice it is magazine upon which your hard-earned money goes, so it is worth the price? – It’s pretty good actually and is set out as an A-Z and each section is filled to bursting point. We start out with A is for Anthologies with more than fifty horror anthology movies looked at over a four page spread. B is for the BBFC and features an interesting interview with David Hyman of the organization which exists to tell us what we can watch. C is for Cannibals with an interesting feature written by Calum Waddell which looks at this gruesome genre. And any feature that contains a naked pic of Ursula Andress gets the thumbs up from me – well maybe not only the thumbs up!


D is for Deceiving Artwork, an entertaining look at film posters which are downright lies and then E is for Euro-Horror. F is for Franchises and the extensive feature covers most of the well known from Child’s Play to Saw. Then we have G for Giallo which covers Italian horror. H is for Human Centipede and I is a funny piece called I is for I hate scary movies in which Nine Cromeyer talks about watching many films in the genre she quite frankly dislikes. J is for Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods and K is for Killers.


L is for Leatherface with an extensive look at the character and M is for Myanna Buring -the hot Brit scream queen is featured here. N is for Nasty while O covers Ozploitation movies and P is for Psychotronic movies. And Q is for quotes – all of which have been taken from 1980’s video nasties.


R is for Religion, while S is for Shakespeare which looks at the horrific aspects of the bard’s work. T then is television and features a great look at the forthcoming Crickley Hall as well as Walking Dead and American Horror Story features. U covers underwater scares and V is for Vampires and W looks at notable Women in the horror genre. X is for X certificate with some great clear reproductions of classic X certified films. Y is bizarrely for Your MP with an interview with horror loving MP Tom Harris who likely gets all his horror movies on expenses.

Finally we have Z for Zzzzzz, which looks at boring horror movie which will send you to sleep.


Good value then and although I haven’t yet watched the free DVD it looks to be fun with Cigarette Burns directed by John Carpenter and Pelts directed by Dario Argento.



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