A new kind of zombie saga

The first two parts of my zombie trilogy  are out there now. The third and concluding part will be out late October/early November and so maybe now is a good chance to jump in on the saga which is getting positive reviews.


Both parts can be found by clicking your relevant region – US      UK


The story may, at first seem like your standard zombie apocalypse thriller but there’s so much more to it than that, and the trilogy will take the reader from the ordinary into Necropolis itself.


Missy is also having dreams where the dead are talking to her, demanding, and she doesn’t understand what it means.

The author carries this segment of his story into new ground once again. His extremely readable prose has me wondering what he wil come up with in the third installment. I eagerly await it.” Amazon five star review


Some said it was viral.
Others claimed it was an act of God.
Either way the result was the same and the dead walked.

The story that started in the bestselling novella, The Dead Walked continues, as Missy and Johnny find themselves having to adjust to life in the land of the dead.

“Hey, if you love zombies (and who doesn’t) this is a fab read. The author is proving a master at several genres, all his novels are well worth reading.”

A story of survival
A story of Destiny
A story of true gut wrenching horror

“Simple but not boring i enjoyed the book more so because of the simplicity.I cannot wait for the next book to find out what happens to Missy,and her odd destiny,Johnny and of course the hybrid demon zombie thing! Is it time for them to die now they are surrounded by hordes of zombies? The worst one being trapped indoors with them? Need to know!” Five star Amazon review


Book 3 – Necropolis coming soon




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