The Dead Walked Book 2 – the first reviews are in

The Dead Walked Book 2

Amazon Five star review by GEORGE R JOHNSON

Missy and Johnny continue their travels through this strange world, looking for other survivors.

They do, a group inside a fenced compound, but Missy is uncomfortable. She’s the lone female among seven males, the group recently reduced when a factory inside the fence was opened to release a horde of the dead, unknown until they fell on the humans. By the time that was under control, the group had been cut from sixty to six. And now Missy was getting eyes from one of them that made her nervous.

Missy is also having dreams where the dead are talking to her, demanding, and she doesn’t understand what it means.

The author carries this segment of his story into new ground once again. His extremely readable prose has me wondering what he wil come up with in the third installment. I eagerly await it.

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