The Walking Dead – What next?

I had mixed feelings about the second season of The Walking Dead, and so I was pleased to re-watch the entire season when it was released on DVD last week – I still have mixed feelings but am eager for the third season which is now just a month away from airing. The biggest problem this season was that the storyline got bogged down for the first few episodes, and it wasn’t until the seventh episode that things really hit boiling point. The first episode,although visually impressive, made several mistakes in that it contradicted rules set up in the far superior opening season. In that first season it was established that the walkers could smell the living and in one memorable scene Rick and Glenn smeared themselves in zombie innards and walked undetected among the dead. However the opening of season two saw our survivors hide under abandoned vehicles while a herd of the undead went past. This happens later in the season too with characters in various scenes simply ducking out of sight of the zombies.


Small gripes aside though things did heat up when we concluded the, ‘ let’s find Sophia’ arc and we witnessed Shane do a Travis Bickle and go insane which culminated with Rick killing Shane, and then his son Carl shooting the reanimated Shane. After this the show really delivered the goods as the zombies overwhelmed Hershel’s farm and scattered the survivors for the third season. The reasons for the inconsistent first half of the season could be because of the problems off screen when the director and driving hand Frank Durabont was sacked and a new creative team brought in, but after stumbling through several episodes they did seem to find their feet in the latter episodes, with some great character moments as well as those all important scares.


We ended the season with three main characters gone – Sophia, Shane and Dale and season three promises to see the loss of yet more main characters. We know that the third season is going to follow the prison storyline from the comics and introduce the character of The Governor – a character who was recently voted the all time most evil comic book character, even topping Batman’s, The Joker in the poll. How closely the story will follow the comic book arc is anyone’s guess. There are already many differences – Shane died far earlier in the comics, and Sophia survived while it was her mother, Carol who died. It they do follow the comic arc then this season should see the death of both Lori and her and Rick’s new baby.

Ahh well, here’s to an action packed third season!

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One Response to “The Walking Dead – What next?”

  1. Just found your site – So Happy. I also grew up watching these great classic early horror films – my family watched Gladys Nightshade together – Elvira had nothing on Gladys and her wedding gown. I will check out your novels at amazon.

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