Midnight strikes

It’s close to midnight

The Dead Walked Book 2-Dead Days is officially published for the Kindle platform from midnight tonight, but given the workings of the KDP process the book can actually be downloaded immediately from Amazon UK and US.

To celebrate the release I have made the first book in the series free for the next two days-head over to your Amazon Vincent Stark page and get both books – that’s two books for the price of one which surely can’t be bad.

Beyond terror, beyond reality.

A world where the dead rule supreme.

“Zombie Sex dude, this one goes too far.”

Ahh well, maybe I should market it as, Fifty Shades of Mould

Vincent Stark is a reclusive writer, who shuns all contact with the outside world. He has not been seen in public since 1979. Although, from time to time, there have been rumours of sightings of the author lurking in the shadows of the cemetery behind his dilapidated mansion house deep in the Rhondda Valley countryside.

It is said that he is suffering from a skin condition which is aggravated by sunlight and is thus forced into his twilight existence. There is much debate over his well known skill with, the Stylophone and his penchant for playing jazz phrases on his own podcast, Scary Motherfucker. Indeed Stark seems to have picked up this skill overnight and there is one urban legend of him visiting the crossroads one evening and selling his soul to the devil in exchange for his ability on the stylophone.

The devil has all the best tunes

This year will see the publication of the second novella in the Dead Walked trilogy and the author, showing the first signs of clawing his way back into the public consciousness, now has a Facebook page – please support the aging author by clicking like on his page, HERE

However for now Vincent Stark remains hidden away, his groceries delivered by a string of crucifix wearing delivery men and his bills paid by automatic withdrawal from the blood bank.



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