Undead hordes outside, something worse in here.

At the close  Book One of the Dead Walked trilogy only Missy and Johnny were left standing, trapped inside the bungalow in which they had sought shelter. Outside there were hordes of the undead and somewhere inside with them was the demon baby – a cliffhanger indeed.




This July Book Two – Dead Days will be launched onto the electronic highways and readers will be able to pick up on the story.


Book One is still available HERE


Reviews for Book One:




I enjoyed the book more so because of the simplicity.I cannot wait for the next book to find out what happens to Missy,and her odd destiny,Johnny and of course the hybrid demon zombie thing! Is it time for them to die now they are surrounded by hordes of zombies? The worst one being trapped idoors with them? Need to know!


Hey, if you love zombies (and who doesn’t) this is a fab read. The author is proving a master at several genres, all his novels are well worth reading.

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