Fearsome reboots and having Mark Gatiss’ Babies – Fear’s John Gilbert Interview Part Two

In our previous post we talked about the formation and eventual demise of Fear Magazine , and now we look to the future and a possible comeback for everyone’s favorite horror horror and fantasy magazine. – “We have a fantastic young design team and are putting together an international editorial team – a crew of new and original writers.”

Once again Vincent Stark talks to John Gilbert:

VS: Fear’s demise seemed to coincide with a dip in the horror genre itself. It seemed that the genre went from being massively popular to a niche market almost overnight.

JG: I think that fans will only take so much repetition and no matter how good a writer is if they’re working with stereotype plots and characters then it’s a turn off. There is only so much faith you can put in a genre that keeps repeating itself. That said it seems as if someone had applied the defibrillator and there’s a renaissance in the air. Bring on the new monsters because I feel the genre is rising again. I feel it in these old bones.

VS: So do you still read widely in the genre?

JG: Oh yes, I’m still  a massive fan. At the top of my reading pile sits Andrew Neville who writes the kind of horror I like and his style is so polished. Then there are old friends like Mark Morris, Nick Vince and Tom Fletcher. I’m also eager for the long awaited new novel from James Herbert (Ash). But there are many more writers that I need to get to know like Gary McMahon whose work I will explore over the summer months.

VS: What about genre film and TV?

JG:  Stephen Volk is fantastic. I loved Awakening and I still have Afterlife on DVD. Then there’s Guillermo del Toro who is awesome, even in Spanish and finally Mark Gatiss whose babies I would gladly have. I’m also a sucker for Christmas Ghost Stories.

VS: Back to Fear – are you surprised that the magazine is so sadly missed?

JG: Stunned. I knew that copies were being sold on eBay but I never expected the response I got when I started a Facebook page (befriend John HERE). I’ve had many offers to restart the magazine, but the deals have always fallen through. Now though I have enough finances to try again but it is difficult to find a major distributor. The market is apparantly flooded with enough genre magazine. And so in the meantime I have taken the advice of some collegues – I work at Pearson which owns Penguin – and am about to unleash some fiction onto the market.

Hungry Faces – Publication date by Opium Press is now scheduled for 27th September in eBook format and paperback.

VS: I’m glad to see the book will be available as a eBook – I seem to read everything on my Kindle these days. Do you think the ePublishing boom will be good for genre fiction?

JG:  Indeed – the ease in which anyone can produce an eBook means that innovation will out and that good genre fiction can once again prosper. Fans will get what they want and new writers will be able to develop their talents in a public arena. Of course there will be an awful lot of dross out there but that’s where blogs such as this, and magazines like Fear cab provide a service.

VS: So come on tell us about the possible Fear relaunch. There are many of us eagerly waiting to buy the magazine again.

JG: We have a new design team who have already recreated the Fear format but with 21st century tweaks. We will be moving with the times but also serving past subscribers by retaining all they loved about Fear MK1. We will also carry on publishing fiction within the magazine but have yet to take on a fiction editor. The bad news is though that most of the major distributors have declines to stock us, but that will not put us off and we are currently looking for alternative distribution. Once we can prove we have a good reader base then we can go back to distributors.

VS:Which is why Scary Motherfucker has started  a Facebook page to bring back Fear Magazine –  join the campaign folks.

John’s website is HERE

Facebook bring back Fear campaign HERE

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