Game of Thrones – here come the walking dead

So the second season is over, with the final episode serving as both an epilogue and a prologue for the third – and after the final scene of this episode, season three can’t come soon enough. It truly is an excellent series and the second season even managed to trump the first, something that most TV series fail to do. It’s remarkableĀ  because the second season, unlike the first, had no central character to hook onto and many more characters were introduced giving us an idea of just how big Westeros truly is.

When you play the game of thrones, either you win or you die. There is no middle ground.

The next season looks like being overrun with the white zombies as well as a adolescent dragon or two, and I’m reliably informed that the third book in the series is the most action packed and eventful of the books, so the TV series which has thus far followed the books closely will be something special indeed. If there is another TV series as incredible as this then I’ve yet to see it. And Game of Thrones must qualify among the best TV ever made, to my mind the show would sit in the top spot.

Fantasy, horror, drama – Game of Thrones has it all.

There is a massive set of characters to juggle with and the show usually manages to serve up several story lines as one inventive whole. One exception is season two, episode nine which concentrated on the battle for Blackwater and what a battle it was. I really don’t think this show has gone wrong from the very first episode – I’m a fan. Truly epic TV which is as good as anything the big screen can serve up, better in fact because it’s got a much bigger canvas to work on. Ironic really when the small screen towers head and shoulders over the big screen. And if entertainment like this can be produced on a TV budget then there really is no need to spend billions and billions, just get the storytelling correct and everything else will follow.

Bowled over…Knocked out… hurry up season three

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