After this movie no one will be able to take one of those footage found in the woods type movies seriously again.

Trollhunter takes its silly premise, a tape found in the woods that depicts a hunt for Trolls in the Norwegian wilderness, and plays it dead straight and surprisingly it turns out to be both funny and genuinely scary. In fact it’s probably my favorite movie after Blair Witch in the found tape genre. One thing is certain  –  it’s a heck of a lot better than the Paranormal Activity series.

Of course the days of Blair Witch are long gone and so the viewer does not for one minute believe this movie is actually found footage, but the film presents itself in such an original and vibrant way that this is soon forgotten, and we are sucked into the movie. The first time we see a Troll is a thrilling moment, and the filmmakers have employed clever effects of night vision and shaky cameras to hide the cheapness of the limited CGI. The scene where our students are trapped in a Troll lair with maybe a dozen Trolls is truly blood chilling, which is an achievement when the sleeping Trolls look like over sized Muppets. The storyline itself is absurd and we are told that the government knows about the trolls and that there is a shadowy Troll Task Force that covers up Troll sightings. Into this mix comes fairy tale elements as we see a Troll turn to stone, while another explodes. We are given a talking head scientific answer for this when the students interview a local veterinarian.

It’s a silly movie when you analyze it but that doesn’t matter, because it understands how to tell a damn good story, – Part horror movie, part social satire, and bursting with Norway’s stunning landscapes the film is a classic of its kind.


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