The blood runs FREE

For the last few days I have, in association with Amazon, been running a promotion where several of my titles are available for free download for a limited period.

Now obviously I’ll not make any money from this but I do believe the promotion is a success – in terms of gaining readers, some of which will hopefully come back for more, it has been a mega success. And besides money is not the motivator, if it were I’d find a far more lucrative use of my time than writing. For me I write because I MUST and to have people reading my books is always the chief concern. So if you haven’t downloaded any of these titles then please do so now – you’ve got nothing to lose, not one single blood stained penny

At the time of writing there are still several days to run on the promotion and the total worldwide downloads per title stand at:

The Rhondda RipperĀ  700 downloads
Arkansas Smith II 768 downloads
The Dead Walked 1178 downloads


It is worth pointing out that The Rhondda Ripper is only on its second day of the promotion, while the other titles are going into their third. Now there are two things I want from this promotion – I am hoping that some of the readers leave a review, good or bad, on Amazon and also that many of these readers will return to my work – The second part of The Dead Walked trilogy is only a few weeks away and so if only a fraction of those who downloaded the freebie return for the paid for sequel I will be happy.

It’s a new world out there and we are all struggling to make a dent in the eBook market. There’ll be a lot of trial and error but rest assured we will be talking about both our successes and failures along the way. And at the end of it all, when the end is near and I face my final curtain, I will, at the very least be able to croon – I did it my way.

Available for FREE download now

The Dead Walked Book One by Vincent Stark
Arkansas Smith II: The Tumbleweed Trail by Jack Martin
The Rhondda Ripper by Gary M. Dobbs


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