Massive FREE eBook promotion

My hardcover bestseller novel Arkansas Smith is out there now in eBook and for a limited time you can download the sequel Arkansas Smith II: The Tumbleweed Trail for free. It’s kinda’ like a buy one, get one free offer. Of course you can simply download the freebie without buying the other, but you’ll get far more from the character if you read the first book

And that’s not all  – The Dead Walked as written by Vincent Stark, the first in my horror trilogy. is also free to download for the next four days and tomorrow The Rhondda Ripper will join the freebies and be available as a gratis download for a period of five days.

All I ask if you decide to take advantage of this once only promotion is that you leave a review, good or bad, on Amazon.

Available for free download now

Arkansas Smith II: The Tumbleweed Trail


The Dead Walked: Book 1 – Outbreak

And starting 10 May 2012

Download The Rhondda Ripper by Gary M. Dobbs free for five days and five days only.

There’s never been a better time to take a trip up the Amazon

Think you know the Jack the Ripper story?

Think again.

Police Inspector Frank Parade discovers the truth.

Inspector Parade carries out his daily duties in Pontypridd, duties complicated by the presence of 500 members of Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show, not to mention the thousands attending the show every day. A series of depraved murders quickly makes things even more complicated.

Soon Frank Parade find himself on the trail of a killer which stretches back 18 years to London’s Whitechapel killings and Jack the Ripper.

The full shocking story AVAILABLE NOW


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