The walking dead season two, episode 9

Things are certainly looking up for The Walking Dead and we’ve had two great episodes in a row, in fact to my mind episode nine was the best episode since the season two opener, and guess what it was jammed packed with walkers for a change and old pacifist Hershel turned out to be a darn fine shot and just may be a Dirty Harry in the making. It turns out that Lori survives her car crash but has to face off against a walker in a great tension packed scene, while Rick, Glenn and new action man Hershel are trapped in the bar having to face a group of mostly unseen hostile survivors. The episode is action packed but finds time for several major character scenes that makes me think that Shane will not survive the season, and that he will be killed of by either Rik. The episode end with Lori suggesting to Rik that Shane is a problem that has to be sorted.


The Walking Dead is back on form, folks.

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