The Walking Dead season two, episode 8

The Walking Dead has just arrived back on UK screens following the mid season break and episode 8 immediately amped up the pace after a pedestrian run of episodes.

This episode may indicate a pick up in the series as it presented us with a more interesting scenario than the previous episodes managed. Our band of survivors are now fragmented with Shane seeming to be on the edge of exploding,  Glen is experiencing a conflict of loyalties and may leave the group while Daryl is pissed off (as are the viewers) that the search of the past few episodes has been for nothing and may be ready to leave the group himself.  On top of all this we had a great western style scene in a saloon that could have come directly from a Leone movie with Rick dispatching two survivors of the zombie apocalypse who wanted to join them at the farm, as well as Lori being involved in a car crash, the outcome of which we won’t discover until episode 9.

It’s too early to tell but on the strength of this episode things may be looking up for a series that was in danger of becoming the plodding dead.


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