American Horror Story episode 11

Warning this review features spoilers – well, I should have expected it but the show threw another curve-ball and took me off guard. I had been convinced that Viv would be the only one left alive at the end of this first season, but how wrong was I and episode 11, The Birth once again turned everything on its head. The episode featured the most weird birth scene ever seen on the screen – Rosemary’s Baby eat your heart out – as Viv is forced to give birth in the house with a ghostly medical team to help her. The first baby we are told is dead, but it is taken away before we see it so expect some developments there and then the second baby is born and whisked away by Constance and once again we don’t see this child. Viv of course dies from the birth and has a touching ghostly reunion with Violet.


This leaves Ben the only living member of the cast and the final episode is certain to be a stonker. Will Ben decide to die so he can join his family in the afterlife? Will our gay ghosts split up after the revelations of the penultimate episode? Will Tate reconcile with Violet? And what the hell does son of Tate look like? After the final episode I will give a first season overview but as for now I’m eager for next week to come. This, to me, has been the TV show of the year.

Excellently weird.


3 Responses to “American Horror Story episode 11”

  1. sunshine Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how this season of American Horror Story is almost coming to an end. I probably was the only one who didn’t watch AHS last Wednesday! I couldn’t, I had to work at DISH, OKAY! Anyways luckily I have DISH Online so I was able to catch up pretty quickly. That’s what I like about DISH Online; I can stream live TV, watch thousands of free shows, and even watch my DVR events all from my PC. It’s pretty nifty for people like me that have busy lives. I was so sad that Vivien died, I wonder what next week’s finale brings!

  2. gabriel Says:

    I was unsure until about episode 3 or 4: it seemed to be a little cliched and full of the usual suspect tropes but… it had great acting, very high production values, and, unusually, I found myself willing to suspend disbelief and just let the craziness carry me along. This may have been boosted by the poor screenplay and wooden acting of The Walking Dead, which I had originally had high hopes for, but however it came about, the show just enchanted me. I’m desperate to see the finale, but at the same time it’s one of those “I wish it wasn’t ending” feelings.

    Guaranteed, next week I’m gonna stock up some cold cuts and a few beers and woe betide anyone who disturbs me shooting up my fix of AHS!

  3. gabriel Says:

    Schoolgirl-ish excitement: I say “next week”, I mean this Wednesday night! Would have been a good Christmas Eve show, however.

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