American Horror story…nearing the end

As we grow ever closer to the climax of American Horror Story things are hotting up – So it turned out that Violet was dead but then I’ve suspected that for awhile now. My guess is that it will also turn out that Ben was killed in last night’s episode and that Viv will be the only member of the family to survive the first season – though she could die giving birth since all indications are that one of the twins she is carrying is the anti-Christ, fathered by Tate who is pretty much the devil personified. I’m not sure about Constance and Jessica Lang’s performance is turning out to be one of the best things about this stylish, scary and quite mad show. In the latest episode we finally found out what happened to Larry and the truth behind his Freddy Krueger complexion. There were several truly horrific scenes – the ghosts of Larry’s children for one and Violet discovering her body for another. You know the show may not make much sense at this point but it’s never less than enthralling and is, in my opinion, a true triumph for the small screen.

Well we’ve only got two and a half episodes to go, episode twelve being a  ninety minute special and I can’t wait. At the beginning of this year the small screen horror event everyone was waiting for was, The Walking Dead and yet American Horror Story has eclipsed it and then some….


3 Responses to “American Horror story…nearing the end”

  1. gabriel Says:

    I’m with you – despite major plot holes and an absurdly non-existent grasp of continuity, this has definitely knocked “The Walking Dead” into ‘wooden spoon’ territory. It has, for me, become a hybrid of “Soap” and “Twin Peaks” – and is compelling viewing. Definitely the TV event of 2011.

  2. Ben isn’t dead as he picks up Vivien from the mental ward and drives her home in the next episode according to the promo. I’m thinking he is just going to rationalize it away and think he fainted from stress after the shower? One of the interviews I hinted about on the blog Ryan Murphy says that Ben has a hard time believing Violet is dead… I’m worried about Vivien now, that Birth doesn’t look easy, eep!

  3. For some time I had the suspicion that everyone was dead, but then it became clear that only the living could leave the house. It’s all baffling but bloody good entertainment. I have heard that the second season will see a new family move into the house, so only the dead characters can return. If that tuns out to be true then I hope Ben does indeed die and Viv too for that matter. We’ve got to see the birth in the final episode, surely so that will likely kill Viv. Though I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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