The Evil Dead remake – new details emerge

Details of the project are still vague but we do know that there will be no Ash character, but instead the plot will focus on the house in the woods and introduce an all new batch of characters. However word is now that Bruce Campbell will take a cameo in the movie playing one of the evil dead. The film will start shooting next March for release by the end of the year and all indications are that this will be no horror comedy but play things seriously. The plot, or at least the parts we know about, goes like this – Mia and David,siblings who have recently lost their mother  have reunited. Along with several friends that take a break but make a bad choice of venue with that old cabin in the woods.  Mia is a drug addict who decides to finally go cold turkey during the trip but soon discovers that this is a bad time for cleaning up her act. Of course the Necronomicon , book of the dead,  is soon discovered in the old cabin and someone just has to go and read it out.


Cue…we’re gonna get you.


Fede Alvarez directs the remake with Diablo Cody, on rewrite duties and Sam Ramini producing.


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