Well it did come as part of a triple CREATURE FEATURE  set, that was priced at £6 – seemed like good value and I am a sucker for killer creature on the loose movies. OK, it’s a pretty crappy movie but I did manage to sit through it, though I think I may have snoozed once or twice. There’s an old Doctor Who story with Pat Troughton called, The Yeti, Abominable Snowman or something along those lines and the monster in this flick could have come from those episodes. It’s so obviously a man in a suit that it’s never once scary and each time the creature appears on screen the film looks childish and quite frankly, stupid.

And it is stupid – characters are killed and then quickly forgotten, some characters survive for no discernible reason and the creature looks like a character from the Muppets – John  (Bo Duke) Schneider loses both his girlfriend and best friend in this movie, which he manages to shrug of easily enough and at one point he is captured by the Snowbeast and for no reason survives despite being frozen in the creatures’ lair.

The other two films in this triple pack were Swamp Shark and Monsterwolf and I hope they are slightly better than this offering, which doesn’t even reach the level of dumb fun.


Snowbeast is one bad movie.

One day I’ll make dumb TV movies

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