Scary Radio – we turn it up to eleven

“First I had Bob (Robert Bloch) saying all these nice things about me and then Stephen King calls me the scariest guy in America. It was great, but I tell you who was really the scariest guy in America – George Bush.”

So said horror author Jack Ketchum in an interview for Chillerthriller’s Scary Radio which will be available both as a download and to be streamed online this coming weekend.

I caught up with Jack at 8pm EST which meant it was 1am over here in the UK – Ahh, the wonders of Skype which I still find incredible. We touched upon many subjects during out chat and Jack was witty and very forthcoming with his answers.

Jack’s one of one of the big names in horror fiction at the moment and as well as most of his books remaining in print, many are available electronically. So check them out folks.

Although the podcast/internet radio show is devoted largely to horror and dark fantasy I see no reason why I can’t have some future guests among the western writing community. That would be so cool since the western will always be my first love, and I have written several myself you know. Maybe I’ll go after Howard Hopkins who writes both horror fiction and westerns, sharing a publisher with myself for the latter.But horror fans need not worry as we have a string of horror writers lined up and sometime next year we will be talking to Graham Masterton who has always been a favorite of mine. Not only for his work in the horror field but because he once edited Mayfair and Penthouse –  monsters and  large breasts, everything the red blooded horror fan needs.

As they say – watch this space

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