The Walking Dead, season 2, episode 6

At last things seem to be hotting up – it’s still not a patch on the first season though.


This episode could have been subtitled, Secrets – Laurie is keeping secrets from Rik (though not as may as she thinks or so it turns out) Glenn is keeping secrets, Shane’s secrets are known to the viewers and by the end of this episode even Dale finds himself lumbered down with yet more secrets, as well as confirmation of suspicions he’s held for some time. And with all tha going on the show seems to have remembered that it is a zombie show and we get several cool undead sequences in this episode as well as learning that we should feed live chickens to our pet zombies. The first few episodes of this season seemed to ignore the character of Glenn and it is good to see him being brought to the fore –  his love affair with Maggie is handled well and he gets a great scene fighting off a walker when he had his new girl take another trip into town to get supplies for pregnant Laurie.

And onto Laurie’s pregnancy  which Rik discovers at the end of this episode but then Laurie, and we, discover that Rik knew about her affair with Shane all along –” you thought I was dead, the world had gone to shit.”Are we heading towards the scenario in the comic book where young Carl shoots Shane after he and his father fight over Laurie? After the next episode I believe the show takes a break to return after Christmas – will the cliffhanger to carry us over be the shooting of Shane?

Only time will tell.


2 Responses to “The Walking Dead, season 2, episode 6”

  1. gabriel Says:

    Or even the shooting of Dale by Shane? There’s a lot of bad blood between them at the moment and I heard that at least one of the cast had originally asked to be killed off when they had the recent behind the scenes upheavals…

  2. Hmm interesting. I really don’t think the second season is a patch on the first but I am looking forward to this weeks episode.

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