Halloween Stats

Weekly Stats Report: 24 Oct – 30 Oct 2011
Project: Scary Motherfucker
URL: https://scarymotherfucker.wordpress.com/


Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Avg
Pageloads 199 252 176 183 201 261 180 1,452 207
Unique Visits 139 173 121 128 144 161 123 989 141
First Time Visits 136 165 117 123 142 154 122 959 137
Returning Visits 3 8 4 5 2 7 1 30 4

One Response to “Halloween Stats”

  1. Now all you need to do is make the referal URL’s 5 times loengr so we can see where people are coming from (without google search result referal URL’s coming back clipped & useless for example) and you’ve got a winnerThanks for the update on the log size, but if you could address this long term problem, that’d really make statcounter the damage!StatCounter Team Response:Hi Bitcloud,We allow referring URLs up to 150 characters to be stored in the database at the moment this is plenty of room for most standard google search referral URLs. I checked your stats for richgentlemenhide.com and the full google referring URLs are all stored there.What am I missing???

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