Top ten essential Halloween movies – 10 – SCREAM

Firstly this is not a list of what we consider to be the ten best horror movies, but merely a list of ten movies that are guaranteed to entertain, must see movies if you like. I have limited the list to English language films and will cover foreign horror in a later post.

And so for now we kick off with ten movies  – some are classics of the genre, others are not,  but they all have something in common – the power to entertain. We are not keen on torture porn here at Scary Motherfucker so no apologies for not including some of the more successful franchises that merely exist to titillate in a way that is, quite frankly, suspect.


10 – Scream

This movie has to be included in our top ten because of the way it plays with genre conventions – sure it’s as much comedy as horror and although it’s effect has been diluted by a bunch of inferior sequels not to mention  many rip offs, Wes Craven’s original is still something of a minor masterpiece.The film was a financial and critical acclaim, earning $173 million worldwide, and became the highest-grossing slasher film in the US in unadjusted dollars. It received several awards and award nominations. It also revitalized the horror genre at a time when too many direct to video horror movies with samey plots and low productions values had almost placed the genre in a ghetto populated by forgettable productions.


Where Scream succeeds is that the comedy, and some of it is almost slapstick, doesn’t detract from the genuine unease and terror experienced by the horror elements. It’s a great movie that will provide laughs and chills this Halloween. It also provided another horror icon, in Ghost Face who is every bit as effective as Freddy, Jason, Michael or any of the others it sets out to lampoon. And is one of only a handful of horror movies that has managed to gain a mainstream audience, and for that we love it.







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