Back from the Dead

I’m never moving home again – it’ll be months of living out of boxes from here on in, but at least we now have an Internet connection at the new place so Scary Motherfucker can get back to doing what it’s does best. We got switched back on this morning and it’s great to see that my novel, The Ballad of Delta Rose is still riding high in the western charts, while my debut novel The Tarnished Star (soon to be filmed as, Lawmaster) is still selling strongly. Incidentally today I signed the large print rights of Delta Rose over to F A Thorpe Publishing so expect a spanking new large print trade paperback on library shelves soon.

The current Black Horse hot sellers on Amazon are:
1. Riders from Hell by Lee Lejeune (Hardcover – 30 May 2008)
From £0.01

2. The Black Horse Westerns: Collection No. 1 by Abe Dancer, Dean Edwards, Tyler Hatch and Scott Connor (Kindle Edition – 1 Jan 2011)
Buy: £6.86

3. The Killer’s Brand by Terrell L. Bowers (Hardcover – 29 Aug 2008)
From £5.12

4. The Ballad of Delta Rose by Jack Martin (Hardcover – 29 Jul 2011)
From £9.07

5. Blast to Oblivion by Chap O’Keefe (Hardcover – 27 Feb 2009)
From £0.02

6. Satan’s Gun by Bill Williams (Hardcover – 30 Mar 2007)
From £0.01

7. Kill Or Be Killed by Corba Sunman (Hardcover – 31 Jul 2008)
From £0.01

8. The Tarnished Star by Jack Martin (Hardcover – 30 Jun 2009)
From £4.00

9. Revenge for a Hanging by Richard Smith (Hardcover – 29 Jul 2011)
From £9.07

10. Drive to Redemption by Mike Deane (Hardcover – 31 May 2011)
From £8.65

Charts as always supplied by Black Horse Express.

However the big news at the moment is with The Dead Walked which is my first horror novel and will be hitting the digital stores this Halloween. Credited to the pen name, Vincent Stark the book is the first in a trilogy concerning a zombie apocalypse.


The book will be published by my own imprint,KitchenSinkPublications and will be the debut novel from this imprint, which I hope to grow and build a quirky list. This is my first real foray into self publishing and is something I intend to concentrate on as well as continuing to bring out westerns under my popular Jack Martin byline with my publisher, Robert Hale Ltd. Wild Bill Williams will see print during June 2012 and will be my fifth western for the Black Horse Westerns imprint, and of course the large print edition of, The Ballad of Delta Rose is in the pipeline, so both Jack and Vinnie should remain highly visible.


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