The dead shall walk……

And the necromancer sang…..


That line come from my novel, The Walking Dead which will be released to an unsuspecting world this coming October. It’s a trilogy that depicts both the end and the rebirth of this planet we live upon.

Each volume, the first is released Oct 31st 2011, will, I hope, offer a thrilling experience for the reader. These are lean, mean books with no padding but plenty of substance.


Below is a short extract from the first volume,one of the many we will be presenting here, in the run up to publication.


September was her favourite time of the year, and late September, when the autumn was just preparing to hand over to winter, when there was still a residue of the late summer warmth in the air, as well as the crisp promise of the iciness to come, had always been, as far as Missy was concerned, the finest chunk of that particular month.

Not for her was the spectacle of high summer, nor the morose beauty of mid winter. Of course they both had their fineries but these paled next to the season when the leaves glittered with reflected sunlight. It was the autumn, with September being the highlight of that season, which she loved – a time when nature put on its finest display as the lush summer growth was magically transformed as if by a sepia wand spewing gold.


September was a time of promise.


  Not this September, though.


This September, Missy would remember as, the time the dead walked.


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