Vincent Stark’s Freaky Files 2 – The Malsters Arms, Pontypridd

Fitting that Pontypridd’s Malster’s Arms has  a history of  spooky events surrounding it, since the town of Ponty is these days something of a ghost town itself. Let’s hope the current regeneration program saves this once elegant town.

The public house stands right next to the old bridge and has been called The Malsters for many years, though it has in the past it’s been known as, The White Rose and The White Horse.

The reports of ghosts in the pub have all been made of sightings in the cellar bar. In September 2006 a relief manager was terrified when working alone in the cellar bar late at night, she turned and saw a woman standing by the fireplace. The woman, who was dressed in Victorian garb, smiled and then vanished into thin air. The woman is said to be the ghost of a maid who hung herself in the cellar when the pub  served as a hotel during the height of the Victorian period.

Over the years there have been other similar sighting, with several of these making the local press.


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