I Gimp

Well it’s something new to add to my resume – today a friend brought the IMDB entry for Neil Jones’s eagerly awaited horror movie, The Reverend to my attention. Seems I can now add Gimp to my CV right next to flower arranging and helping little old ladies cross the street.

Rutger Hauer Withstander
Tamer Hassan Harold Hicks
Doug Bradley Reverend Andrews
Simon Phillips Detective
Emily Booth Tracy
Shane Richie Prince
Edmund Kingsley Thug
Dominic Burns Big Bazza
Giovanni Lombardo Radice Almighty
Stuart Brennan The Reverend
Mads Koudal Viking
Helen Griffin Mrs. Jenkins
Marcia Do Vales Girl
Dave Sommer Brute
Rachel Walsh Hooker
Kirsten Jones Lady
Rebekka Raynor Dominatrix
Lyndon Baldock Barman
Billy Rumbol Ryan
Gareth King Drug Dealer
Gary Dobbs Gimp
Tabby Quitman Woman thrown out of pub
Kevin Hayde Postman
Mattie Thomas Danish Goon
Richie Woodhall Inspector Rodin
Andy Taylor Hicks man 1
Les Allen Hicks Man 2
Kelly Williams Waitress
Earl Palmer Danish Goon 2
Rachel-Helena Walsh Prostitute
Paul Hill Security Guard 2
Trevor Lumley Security Guard 1
Scott Ormrod Scott Ormrod

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