Poor Paul

Is it just me or did anyone else find the movie, Paul naff? After the excellence of Shaun of the Dead and semi excellence of Hot Fuzz it’s a major disappointment.

It starts off very well and there’s some great character comedy between Pegg and Frost. They play a pair of nerds, you see and for the first quarter of the movie this aspect is used to great effect, but as soon as they discover the alien, the Paul of the title, the movie becomes a run of the mill government chases the alien movie.

I can’t help thinking that the weakness with this movie is that it just doesn’t feel British as did Shaun and Fuzz. And by that I mean it’s lost the edge, the grain and is all Hollywood gloss. As an alien movie it’s probably on a par with Mac and Me, which it references several times but it’s certainly no ET, that is unless ET stands for exceedingly trite. Like both Shaun and Fuzz before it it spoofs and makes clever references to the history of its genre, but where the previous two movies did it with style this one seems like a never ending barrage of jokes rammed in between scenes.

RATING – Wake me up when this one ends.


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