Pinhead goes 3D

I’m not at all keen on the look of the new Pinhead, as revealed in Fangoria,  for the Hellraiser remake that hits screens next year. All that added gore is counter productive since it’s nowhere near as effective as Doug Bradley’s original Pinhead. Of course I’m drawing my opinion from the single picture and it may actually look a lot better on the big screen – it’s reportedly going to be in 3D, you know.

Mind you, I really don’t hold out high hopes for the movie. Clive Barker’s original was a pretty flawless debut – it was based on Barker’s novella, The Hellbound Heart which was first published in the horror anthology, Night Visions way back in 1986. Of course Barker was a true original and when the first volume of his Books of Blood he became a sensation. Stephen King proclaimed him as the future of horror. This was deserving praise and anyone interested in the genre should read Son of Celluloid in Volume III of the Books of Blood – that’s my particular favourite, but there’s not a bad story in any of the six Books of Blood.

And that was the thing with the first Hellraiser movie – Clive Barker brought to it youth  and  enthusiasm. He also brought inexperience to the film but this helped him because he took chances that a more experienced director would perhaps baulk at.

Ahh well I could be surprised and the new Hellraiser could rock – somehow though I doubt it.


2 Responses to “Pinhead goes 3D”

  1. Pine Wurbler Says:

    I agree. Simpler is often better. The true horror in the original Pinhead design was that his physical image portrayed the very balance of terror and art that the Cenobytes seemed to pursue. “Angel to some, Demon to others”; that’s what the original makeup conveyed. The hypnotic look of a simple yet featureless human face impaled and scarred draws the audiences attention like staring into the sun. Redoing him into a grotesque monster destroyes the mystique. Pinhead was the new age Dracula and they want to turn him into Frankenstein’s Monster.

  2. Hes a Demon from hell. I think the new look is most suitable. Looks wayyy more menacing. Not knocking Doug’s original look by any means, but this is badass.

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