100 horror novels you must read

Bookstove has just published an interesting list of 100 novels the horror fan should read. It’s a good selection because not all the suggested titles are horror novels which allows for greater variety than most such lists. Coming in at No 1 is The Monk by Mathew Lewis (which I’ve not read but will seek out), while number two is Dracula which I have read. Though to be honest I think this book has dated terribly and it is also very slowly paced, maybe too slow for the post Twilight generation. And Frankenstein comes in at number three – this too I feel has dated somewhat.  The first time Stephen King appears on the list is at NO 14 with the excellent, The Stand. Though the horror icon also occupies the next three positions with Salem’s Lot, The Shining and IT.

The list has obviously been compiled by those knowledgeable of the genre and greats such as Joe Lansdale, F Paul Wilson and Jack Ketchum also appear. Stephen King’s son Joe Hill is in at NO 34 with Heart Shaped Box. CHECK OUT THE FULL LIST HERE and while your at it check out the link for 100 fantasy novels.


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