The Digital iDead

That's no way to treat a lady - Blood Feast

Capitalizing on the mystique of Friday the 13th, Zombie Active Games is excited to announce the upcoming release of its new Hollyweird Zombies iPhone/iPad game app in collaboration with Herschell Gordon Lewis, the notorious 60’s horror director of Blood Feast.

Lewis-known as the Godfather of Gore-is shaking up the gaming industry with his entrance into the zombie genre through the iPhone app medium, according to Nick Pawluk, president of Zombie Active Games. “There are over 400,000 iPhone apps and dozens of zombie game apps, but this will be the first associated with an infamous and controversial Hollywood director,” Pawluk said. “Will the zombie app Hollyweird Zombies be as shocking and cutting-edge as his films?”

The Hollyweird Zombies game is also unique because it features an avatar of real-life Playboy Babe of the Month Sondra Barker, who the game’s hero must try to save, along with several other characters. In the game, the hero must rescue Barker’s avatar, Angel Lee, Lady Gore Gore, London and her dog Big Ben. Interestingly, the hero is the virtual son of Herschell Gordon Lewis, Gordy. In addition, the game includes real Hollywood Boulevard businesses-hence the name: Hollyweird Zombies.

Zombie Active Games is an Encino, Calif.-based company that is dedicated to developing interesting and fun iPhone and iPad games. Teaming up with Lewis for the Hollyweird Zombies game was ideal for the company. Lewis is a master filmmaker who has skillfully depicted the macabre in movies like Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964), Blood Feast (1963), Color Me Blood Red (1965) and Monster a-Go Go (1965). He also contributed as an actor, narrator, and radio announcer in some of his films, even singing the title song in Two Thousand Maniacs. The Pittsburg, Pennsylvania-born director is best known for creating the “splatter” film subgenre of horror.

The impending release of the iPhone/iPad zombie game is a testament to consumers’ insatiable appetite for horror and gore. It also underscores the increasing popularity of iPhones/iPads apps and portable gaming. Hollyweird Zombies, which will be available at the iTunes store soon, seeks to satisfy consumers and contribute to the growth of the video gaming market.


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