It’s all Stephen King’s fault

Stephen King's new epic

We’ve had the video nasty scare and now we could be heading towards a literary nasty hysteria – According to an article by  Michele McPherson in New Zealand’s ,The Bay of Plenty Times, novels like those of Stephen King are making kids shit their pants and  leaving them traumatised.

“Books by American novelist Stephen King are leaving some Western Bay children and teenagers traumatised, fearing death and in need of intensive therapy.

Tauranga child psychotherapist Augustina Driessen has treated at least five young people, aged 12 to 18, who had become withdrawn, anxious and fearful they were going to die after reading King’s horror stories.”

We’ve heard this kind of thing before, many many times, and it comes as no surprise to see that these do-gooders want to ban books. But what is disturbing is that the press are taking this seriously, which has resulted in several publishers going on the offensive, and warning that Stephen King books are scary.

“Managing director of Hachette New Zealand, publisher of the Stephen King novels in New Zealand, Kevin Chapman, said he did not think it was the publisher’s place to decide who read books.

“It causes a lot of anxiety, fear and traumatises them.  They were absolutely scared that they were going to die now so they needed intensive therapy and their whole mind was just consumed with it.” Child psychotherapist Augustina Driessen

So be warned folks – Stephen King books are scary


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