Stark Intentions

Available for pre-order now

I am a professional writer – ie, I make my living, or at least a chunk of it from my keyboard. This July will see the publication of my fourth book with Robert Hale LTD – The Ballad of Delta Rose by Jack Martin. Yep I’ve previously written and continue to write westerns. I’ve had some success with these books and next year my first novel The Tarnished Star is to be filmed by Burn Hand Films under the title, LawMaster. And speaking of Burn Hand I recently took a part (and was slaughtered)  in the forthcoming horror pic, The Reverend, but that’s another story…and one I’ll talk about another time. Director Neil Jones is also the man who will preside over the LawMaster movie.

And although I am a western writer, man I love that genre, I am first and foremost a WRITER. And I’ve written under my own name Gary M. Dobbs in the crime genre – my take on the Jack the Ripper story, A Policeman’s lot is available in eBook now and soon in print from Solstice Publishing.

You see a writer writes and the genre is irrelevant, but I knew, when an idea for a horror story started developing in my mind, that  I would need to create another pen name for my  work in the genre. Hence Vincent Stark which I got from mixing Vincent Price with hardboiled writer Richard Stark. I like the idea of pen names – Gary Dobbs is Jack Martin is Vincent Stark.

And the name Vincent Stark will look good gracing the lurid cover of a horror thriller.

The first Vincent Stark – The Dead Walked is due to premier as a self published eBook later this year. I’ve roped in Tony Masero, an artist whose work has graced many paperback classics to provide the cover art and employed two editors to lick the manuscript into shape. At the moment I’m working towards completing the first draft. And may talk about the book here from time to time.

The Dead Walked

by Vincent Stark

The zombie thriller to end them all – it’s the  best of the dead!

In the meantime why not try a western or historical mystery. If I could be so bold as to  recommend that Jack Martin for westerns and Gary M. Dobbs for the historical mystery.

One Response to “Stark Intentions”

  1. Looking forward when this one arrives. Love a good horror story…and a western…and a thriller…and an SF story.

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